What makes an app successful?

Do you have a never seen before app! It is all set to get started/ published in the Google Play Store or the Apple store. You have worked very hard on building the stuff. It is now time to present the application to the users. The only concern now is about the visibility of the application. As we all know that there are more than a million applications in both the app stores combined. Managing and  performing nicely as well as competing is not easy. The competition is the real bottle-neck. In the long run an application can get lost in the crowd!

The ASO strategies are there to help in the long run. But the initial take off depends upon certain factors. These are the basic factors to consider. Let’s have a look.

  • The application needs to be the exact thing that a potential user would be looking for! The application should be able to solve a problem or entertain or make life simpler in any manner. An application that touches life for the good is always welcomed by the users.
  • The design, features, and the user-friendliness should be acceptable.
  • The application should be able to capture the imaginations of the potential users.

These factors determine the success of an application to a great extent. Having mentioned that, we would also like to state about the importance of having a group or community that backs the application and its features, working etc. And a potential user mostly trusts the feedback an application has. Here feedback refers to the reviews and the ratings.  

As a developer, certain obstacles that you can face are:

*How to get more visibility?

*How to retain the users?

These are the major issues every developer comes across.

To solve all of the issues at one spot you need more reviews, ratings, and installs. Also to retain users, you need to update and keep updating for the good. 

Yes, you understand that you need reviews more and more. But how to get them!

You can encourage the existing users to write reviews in exchange for a reward.

You can analyze their experience with the application and try to make it better. The potential user is thereby asked to leave feedback whether good, or bad And when they get a response pretty soon. A relationship is developed along with a review earned.

You can exchange reviews with other developers too. It is a decent method too.

All the above mentioned are free of cost. But if you have money to invest then app reviews services can help you a ton. It is absolutely easy to buy android app reviews or installs. The only factor to consider would be whether you are selecting a decent agency or not.

Now, we would discuss how to select an app review services agency. It is a very crucial factor and your application’s success depends upon it.

You need to gather information about the methods used by them

You need to assess their past record.

The pricing should be reasonable.

Final words.

With a good application you can expect to do well in the Mobile app business. But the main constraint would be the competition that exists for visibility. In the app stores there are about millions of applications.

With ASO your app can certainly gain visibility. The process takes time. And you need results fast in this fast-paced world. To buy android reviews there are many options. It is the only feasible solution and unlike ASO it produces immediate results. An instant push in the rankings. You need to keep in mind that the agency you contact is well reputed and capable.






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