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The two negatives I have seen so far are 1) when in the back of a grocery store I cannot always connect to the network and then the list freezes app store optimization company or blanks because it cannot sync, 2) the items on my favorites list do not update with price, quantity, or other data changes. Overall, this is a fantastic app and I am so glad that I have started using it.

The title says it all. It’s by far the best list app I have ever used! It’s VERY easy to use and actually fun. If you want to get a particular item in a certain flavor or scent it allows you to actually SCAN the product you need so the list has the EXACT item. It’s way awesome and saves a ton of time. Not just that but it also has your ads for the stores in your area so u can see what’s on sale and where. If you shop Walmart you know that they price match as well as other stores do. This app makes everything be in one spot making shopping fun and easy. It’s a MUST HAVE wether your someone who loves to shop or has to pick something up for aso services company a family member or friend and you want to be sure u ft the right item.

I like the app as it categorizes everything as i type them and it already has some of the well known brands pre-programmed. I can be in one part of the store and see everything i ned before heading to the next section. One thing tho: there is a bulk section in the store I shop at and it does not have that option here. I cant change one of the Other categories. Other than that, it’s much easier than the one i was using before.

“Update 12/28/15: one suggestion would be to make the cart total show full amount. It’s currently showing a truncated running amount. Can you please fix this by downsizing the font or something? Thanks!

I’m so excited about this app after using it on a shopping trip. I gathered the food items I needed, put them in the app and shopped for the food items. Once item was found I put the price in. The app tally my running total and keeps me within my food budget. I love this app and will definitely use the app from now on. I haven’t found any flaws yet that would keep me from not using the app.”

I have been using this app for over a year and I use it every time I go grocery shopping. I have my weekly shopping list and lists for various recipes. What I like about the list is that I can go through the “shopping cart” on it which helps me app store optimisation agency to remember the items I need. I like having my various lists in alphabetical order until I’m at the store.






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